Stanislav Vladimirovich Dumin Stanislav Vladimirovich Dumin — a famous Russian genealogist.
Stanislav Dumin was born in September 7, 1952 in Moscow in hereditary military family, but he intended to be a historian from the childhood. His interest to history was concerned with his interest to his family’s history, that’s why he was kin on genealogy and heraldry even in school. In 1975 г. Stanislav graduated a historical faculty of the Moscow State University. He specialized in Poland history, exactly in Grand Duchy of Lithuania history where his ancestors lived formerly. In 1981 Dumin defended a thesis on Southern and Western Slav history chair of MSU and earned a degree of candidate of historical sciences. He also studied the Decembrists’ history. From February 1988 he became a senior researcher of State Historical Museum filial in Moscow – Izmaylovo Manor. In May 1990 Dumin and his colleagues restored Historical-Genealogical Society in Moscow, which existed before the Revolution. He is the head of the society until now. Stanislav Vladimirovich also represents Russia in International Confederation of Genealogy and Heraldry. In December 1999 he has been elected a president of Russian Genealogical Federation. In 1990-1991 he was collaborated in government commission work, which prepared a verdict to restore a historic Flag and State Emblem of Russia. He is engaged in Romanoff family history and dynastic right problems. Dumin publicated nearly 400 scientific works, books and articles (including Lithuanian, Belarusian, Polish and Finnish languages, four volumes of genealogic reference-book ‘The Russian Empire Nobility (1993-1998). He is a specialist mainly in the nobility genealogy and more particular course: the nobility genealogy of Western Governments, Great Russian nobility.
Nadezhda Vasilievna Superanskaya Nadezhda Vasilievna Superanskaya — famous Russian scientist anosmatic.
Nadezhda was born in Moscow in 1929. From 1957 she works in RAN Linguistic Institute; she is a main research worker in applied linguistic department, terminology and anosmatic group manager, в Институте языкознания РАН; главный научный сотрудник в отделе прикладного языкознания, заведующая группой терминологии и ономастики, engaged in special vocabulary. She reads a scientific literature on 12 languages. Nadezhda Vasilievna wrote more than 350 scientific works, including 20 books and brochures; she assisted in compiling several vocabularies. 16 candidate and 6 doctoral theses were written under her direction by young scientists. She cooperate with ‘Science and Life’ journal from 1964 – more than 40 years she replies to numerous letters, which authors are interested in various problems of Russian language, general linguistic and especially personal names. She is a doctor of philological sciences, a professor, a member of International onomastic committee, a member of Onomastic and Terminological commission of International committee of philology of Slavs, a member of Orthographic commission of RAN, Terminological commission RosTerm, Municipal Interdepartmental commission of territorial units, streets and subway stations Denomination under the Mossovet, the member of Russian Geographic Society.
Main publications:
  • General Theory of personal name. 1973;
  • Modern Russian Family Namens. 1981;
  • The Theory and the Methodic of onomastical researches. 1989;
  • Toponymy of Crimea. 1993;
  • Personal Names of RSFSR, The Vocabulary. 1989 (the last edition);
  • General Terminology (in two volumes). 1989 - 93;
  • Russian Personal Names Vocabulary.1998, 2003.
Dmitriy Arkadievich Panov Dmitriy Arkadievich Panov — a famous russian genealog.
Dmitriy was born in1964. He started to learn genealogy from 1970s in young historians’ hobby group under MSU. In 1990 he graduated RGGU. In 1991 Panov created the first genealogic bureau named ‘Origins’. In 1991-1994 he was engaged in practical genealogy in the ‘AROS’ team. In 1993-1999 he became a consultant of Russian-American Genealogic Archive service (RAGAS). From 1997 he became a candidate of MSU. He is mostly famous of studying of a family tree of the first President of Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin.
Yuriy Vitalievich Konovalov Yuriy Vitalievich Konovalov — a regional partner of the Program.
He was born in 1957 Nizhniy Tagil city. From 1959 and until now he is living in Sverdlosk-Yekaterinburg. From the Reformation he was trying himself in independent research organizations. He started to study a genealogy even from school. Like all the beginners, he engaged in Rurikovich’s, Romanoff’s and other govern dynasties. He even wrote a few publications about it. He was also learning the Russian nobility genealogy for many years. Within the limits of this theme he amassed his interest to the ancient period (before XVII century), especially on the boyars of Novgorod. From the beginning of 90s he prefers to research Ural peasantry family trees and other С начала 1990-х годов предпочитает заниматься родословиями уральских крестьян и других enfranchised strata of society. At the same time he studies a historical geography of Ural and close-fitting territories. He wrote a lot of publications (nearly 100).
Sergey Vladimirovich Trofimov Sergey Vladimirovich Trofimov — a regional partner of the Program.
Sergey was born in 1977 in Pervouralsk city. From 1992 he engaged with genealogical researches in archives. From 1995 he became an active member of UIRO. In 2001 he graduated a historical faculty of Ural State University. He worked in Demidovskiy Institute (Yekaterinburg city), in Historical Museum in Rezh city. He is a competitor for history of Russia chair of UGU. He is a practicing genealog.
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